Coolmax 600W Power Supply $59.00

Features: PCI-E ready. 13.5cm cooling fan with automatic setting for best cooling efficiency. Good balance between noise and cooling level. Cable-tube on main power cables for better routing and neatness. Universal connector fits most branded motherboard. Connector: 1x 20+4Pin; 1x P4 Mainboard; 2x SATA; 6x Periphead power; 1x FDD; 1x 6-pin PCI Express Power Wattage: 600W. AC Input: 100~132V AC or 200~264V AC. Output: +3.3V @ 24A, +5V@ 24A, +12V1 @ 18A, +12V2 @ 18A, +12V3 @15A, -12V @ 0.5A, +5VSB @ 2.5A. Dimension(WxLxH): 140 x 152 x 88.9 mm / 5.50 x 6.20 x 3.50 inch. Weight: 4.0 lb. Package: Retail.

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