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An easy-to-use, visually pleasing design provides unique indicator lights with musical feedback, letting you know the status of a job instantly. Scan-to-Web, Scan-to-Palm, Scan, OCR and Copy -- all these are accessible through five push buttons that play pleasing sounds from the natural world when pressed. BenQ's marvel is built not only to make scanning quick, dependable and high-quality, but just plain fun! Want to scan? Just press the button - you don't even need to interface with any software on your PC. Key Features: Get brilliant photo-quality with 1200 dpi optical resolution and 48-bit color. Directly Scan to Palm or Palm OS compatible PDA Easy push-button controls with fun lights and sounds Scan to Web, Scan to Palm, Scan, Copy and OCR Most compact and lightweight 1200dpi scanner Advanced CCD technology for best quality 3D scanning output USB interface for easy connectivity

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