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Technical Service Center
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DVD BURNER (Click For Pictures)

LG 22X Dual Layer DVD Burner $27.95
SONY 20X DVD IDE Burner $32.00
Samsung 22X DVD Burner Dual Layer $29.95
SONY 20X DVD Burner LightScribe SATA $35.00
Samsung/Toshiba DVD RW Light Scribe SATA $34.00
Samsung Slim External DVD Burner $49.00
LiteOn 22X DVD Burner E-IDE $29.95
LG 22X Super Multi IDE DVD Burner $35.00
Blue Ray Drive (Click For Pictures)

LG 10X Blue-Ray Burner $128.00
LG 10X Blue-Ray Burner SATA $135.00
Pioneer 12X Blue-Ray Burner Drive $215.00
SonyNEC Blue-Ray Drive $139.00
ASUS Blue-Ray Rom Drive $86.00
DVD / Blue-ray Duplicator Systems

1-7 Target DVD/CD Duplicator $449.00
1-9 Target DVD/CD Duplicator $569.00
1-10 Target DVD/CD Duplicator $589.00
1-11 Target DVD/CD Duplicator $619.00
1-7 Blue Ray Duplicator System $1895.00
1-10 Blue Ray Duplicator System $2495.00
External Optical Drives (Click for pictures)

External 18x DVD Burner USB $65.00
External SONY 18X DVD USB v.2.0 $58.00
Samsung Slim External DVD Burner $49.00