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Technical Service Center
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Medium Tower (Click for pictures)

J230P Black Silver ATX Case $35.00
J227P Black Tower ATX Case $38.00
J233P Black Tower ATX Case $45.00
B212 Black Tower ATX Case $35.00
H207 ATX 500W + Handel $55.00
H208 ATX 500W + Handle $55.00
In-Win Z583T ATX Mid Tower $69.00
In-Win C583T ATX Case wth PS $78.00
H202 ATX Case 480W Red + Handle $49.00
H201 ATX Mid Tower 450W $45.00
H201B ATX Mid Tower 450W $42.00
H206 Black ATX 480W Case $48.00
2702 Black Mid-Tower Case $45.00
2914 ATX Case 430W $45.00
Antec NSK4480 ATX Black $99.00
Antec Mini P180 ATX Case $129.00
Antec Sonata III 500W ATX $129.00
Gaming Case (Click for all pictures)

G518 Mid ATX Case 480W $48.00
G588 ATX Case 480W $68.00
Antec DC-35 Gamer Case $115.00

Antec DF-85 Gamer Case $169.00
Antec Three Hundred ATX Case $72.00
Antec Six Hundred Gamer Case $99.00
Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel $119.00
Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming $128.00
G558 Black 500W $69.00
G588R ATX Case 480W $58.00
908 Silver Gaming ATX 450w $125.00
NZXT Guardian 921 Gaming + Window $99.00
In-Win Black ATX Mid Tower 300W $72.00
Rackmout & Micro ATX(Click for pictures)

Rack Mount ATX 430W 4U P4 Ready $119.00
4 U Rackmount Case Black $79.00
Rackmount Slide Rail Set $39.00
Rack Mount ATX 200W 2U P4 Ready $179.00
Rack Mount ATX 160W 1U P4 Ready $199.00
IM31B Micro ATX Case Black Silver $48.00
MB02 Micro ATX Case Black $Call
N63 Micro ATX Case P4 Ready $49
Antec aria Micro ATX Case 300W $108.00
Power Supply (Click here for all pictures)

Micro ATX 200W For eMachines $29.00
400W. ATX Power Supply P4 Ready $16.50
ATX 480W Power Supply $18.50
ATX 500W 120mm Silent Fan $29.95
ATX 550W 2Fans Silent $39.00
Coolmax Super Quiet 450W $49.00
Coolmax 500W Power Supply $61.00
Coolmax 600W Power Supply $59.00
Antec EarthWatts 650W Power Supply $89.00
750W w/SLI Power Supply $99.00
Antec 650W Power Supply $105.00
Laptop AC Power Adapter 70W $35.00
Laptop AC Power Adapter 90W $49.00
Coolmax 600W Power Supply $59.00
Coolmax 1000W ATX Power Supply $119.00
Full Tower & Duplicator (Click for pictures)

ATX Full Tower 400W $59.00
668 Green Aluminum ATX Full Tower 420W $115.00
Duplicator 9 Bay Case $109.00
Duplicator 11 Bay Case $139.00
ANTEC SX1040BII SERVER W/SL400 $109.00
Power Supply and Case Accessories

Power Supply Tester LCD $24.95
Power Supply Tester $16.85
20pin to 24pin Adaptor $5.95
Power Spliter Y-Cable $5.50
SATA Power Cable $5.50(10+ @ $3.85 each)
P4 ATX Power Supply Adapter $5.55
Cold Cathode Light Red $15.00
Cold Cathode Light Blue $15.00
Tri-color Cold Cathode Light $19