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Ultra slim, just 1.5cm thickness, 2/3 capacity of traditional keyboard and save most desktop space than the traditional oneUltra slim.Ultra Low Power Consumption PowerSaver is designed with R7 Ultra Low-Power Technology, only requires 7mA electric current while others require 25mA. R7 just turn your mouse battery¨Clife 3 times longer Ultra Low Power Consumption. The totally no delays function allows R7 to immediately wakes up from any level of sleeping modes Totally no delays. Rely on the RF Technology. Wireless high speed transmission with 1.5m range available and move at your more freedom Rely on the RF Technology. Powerful multimedia keys Support Sleep mode, Volume Control, Email internet & multimedia functions just one touch powerful multimedia keys. Low Battery Warning Wheel. Smart wheel turns to red when your battery power is low Low Battery Warning Wheel. Innovative low Structure and laser printing Keys. Offering reduced comfortable typing and enhanced key stability,and laser printing keys to expedite and thoroughly utilize your computer usage time Innovative low Structure and laser printing Keys. 2-Channel and 255ID To avoid the interference from other wireless devices, R7 is designed with auto-detect two channels and 255 ID 2-Channel and 255ID.

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