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HF06 Wireless Bluetooth Adapter. Features: 1) Hassle-free installation, plug and play. 2) Easy to expand the network. 3) Supports Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98SE. 4) Used for desktop, PCs, and notebooks. 5) Wireless surfing, E-mail, fax, Network. 6) Wireless connection via a serial cable. 7) Works with microphone / speakers on PC. 8) Plays multi-player PC games wirelessly. 9) Wireless printing documents or Net meeting. 10) Faxes via remote Bluetooth cell phone, modem or PC. 11) Exchanges or synchronizes personal information. 12) Shares file and information effortlessly; browses, opens, and copies. 13) Accesses internet via GPRS, CDMA cell phone or ADSL access point. 14) Works with a Bluetooth headset via audio in/out on a PC or cell phone. 15) Shares documents, printing files, plays games or joins the chat room.

Specifications: 1) CSR V2.0+EDR / CSR V1.2 / ISSC V1.2 / BT05 spec. 2) Bluetooth V2.0+EDR: 2Mbps and 3Mbps. 3) 40~100 meters (optional) range at free spacebattery. 4) Frequency Band :2.4~2.4835GHz unlicensed Ism band. 5) Modulation Method :GFSK, 1Mbps, 0.5BT Gaussian. 6) Spread Spectrum :FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread. Spectrum). 7) RF Output Power :Class 2. 8) Sensitivity :<-88dbm at < 0.1% BER. 9) Antenna :2dBi PCB Antenna. 10) Power consumption : Tx Typical: 115AM; Rx Typical: 75AM; Standby Mode: 15AM. 11) Input Power :DC 5V (via USB Port). 12) Input Power :DC 5V (via USB Port). 13) I/O Interface :USB. 14) LED Indicator :Power/Active.

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