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Windows XP Professional x64 Edition can support up to 128 GB of RAM and two symmetric multiprocessors—an opportunity for increased revenue. Your customers will experience the highest desktop performance and reliability available from Microsoft. Reduced Support Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition protects system files from user error, simplifies system management, and includes an improved diagnostics tool that aids in troubleshooting. Customers will be better able to handle many routine administration tasks themselves, which can lower your overall support costs. Easier Integration and Deployment. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition provides advanced management, deployment, and support tools to make your job easier. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition will integrate seamlessly into existing Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory?environments. Improve Performance for Memory-Intense Applications. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition breaks the 4GB barrier of 32-bit computing, enabling customers to work with much larger datasets. Because these larger datasets can be loaded directly into memory, the performance bottleneck created by swapping data between memory and the hard drive is eliminated. Count on Reliability. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is built from the Microsoft Windows Server?2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) code base, providing increased reliability for mission critical applications. Enjoy the Best of Windows XP Professional on a 64-bit platform: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition includes nearly all of the same features and functionality found in 32-bit Windows XP Professional, such as Remote Desktop, Windows Net Meeting, Windows Messenger, Windows Media?Player, Windows Movie Maker, and more. Benefit from Advanced Security Technologies. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition’s advanced security technologies, such as the Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker, provides a fast, easy and free way for business customers to better protect their business PCs.

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