1.8" USB 2.0 Aluminum Enclosure $19.00

USB 2.0 1.8 inch Enclosure. It has solid aluminum body. It also comes with a double USB cable, which is very useful if you use powerless USB hub. It is 100% Plug & Play and Works with PC and MAC. Fast data/files access and transfer rate up to 480mb/Sec. Draw power directly from USB port. View, copy, and edit the image photos/data/music directly on the reader. Support Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, MAC OS 8.6, 9.x, or Higher. Dimension 3.28 x 3.0 x 0.49 inch. Weight 2.19 ounce Available USB port Operating System: Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP MAC OS 8.6, 9.x, or Higher. Female 44pin connector. Aluminum USB 2.0 1.8" Laptop Hard Drive Enclosure. Floppy diskette for drivers (only needed for Windows 98,ME).

44pin Female IDE internal connecter. USB A type external connecter. Double USB extension cable. Screw Driver. User's Guide. Carrying case.

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