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Presenting Encore simplest way to integrate any PC or laptop into your Wireless network - the 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless USB adapter. With no hassle in opening up your computer, this adapter is compatible with any USB 1.1/2.0 ports, users can now connect this wireless adapter to any computer to share data, printers and etc.

Installation and configuration cannot be easier with the bundled software utility. By using the friendly graphical user interface (GUI), users can this manage the wireless connection at great ease. Security will not be a concern. Equipped with the 64/128/256 bits WEP encryption, security will no longer be a concern, users can now transmit the encrypted information across the wireless network without worrying if the data is intercepted by outsiders.

With the maximum connecting speed At 54 Mbps, your data transfers rate will be quicker than you can imagine. The USB versatility and portable design will always allow you access the Internet from one workstation to another.

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