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Bi-Directional converter for Serial and Parallel ATA. This adapter converts from SATA Hard Drive to IDE or IDE Drive to SATA Host. Converts Serial ATA to Parallel ATA (Bi-directional). and Converts Parallel ATA to Serial ATA (40 pin IDE) (Bi-directional).

SATAlink SPIF223A chipset. Supports 3.5-inch IDE and SATA hard drives. Supports large and small 4-pin power connectors. Ultra low power consumption. 150 MB/s transfer rate. Automatic Serial ATA 3.0/1.5 GBps speed negotiation. Connect an IDE hard drive to your motherboard's SATA controller or connect a SATA hard drive to you IDE motherboard header with this SATA to IDE converter. It supports 3.5-inch IDE and SATA hard drives. It's compliant with SATA specification and supports up to UDMA/133 drives!

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