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We repair and upgrade PC & Apple computers. Fix iPhone, DVR Systems and CCTV Cameras.

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        Tel: (212) 679-1088

PC Diagnostic Check PC & Apple Computer Status, Examine for Problems  
Data Recovery Data recovery after a PC / Apple computer crash or HDD failure  
Additional HDD Add a new Hard Drive to computer  
Memory Upgrades Add additional memory to computer  
Upgrade HDD Replace current hard drive & transfer all data  
Transfer PC HDD Data Transfer all Data from Old Computer to a New Computer  
Transfer Data Only Transfer all Data /OS to a New Computer  
Transfer Data Transfer all User Data to new Hard Disk Drive  
Upgrade OS Upgrade current OS of computer  
Install New OS Install new OS w/license on empty system  
Screen Replacement Replace defective or damaged Screen to Laptop Computer  
Hardware Replacement Replace defective hardware to computer  
Dial Up Internet Setup modem and software for dial-up internet  
Broadband Internet Setup Cable or DSL for internet access  
Wireless Network Setup 2 or more PCs on a wireless network  
Wired Network Setup 2 or more PCs on a wired network  
External Peripheral Install miscellaneous external peripheral  
Install application Install one or more software applications  
Internal PC Card Install an internal Card (e.g. Video or Sound)  
Internet Sharing Install and configure an Internet Gateway / Router  
Anti-Virus Software Install and Configure Anti-Virus software  
Virus Removal Removal virus from computer  
Install Firewall Setup a software firewall for computer  
Spyware Removal Install Anti-Spyware and remove pests / malware  
Data Backup Backup important data to CD or DVD  
Surveillance & CCTV Surveillance System & Camera Installation  
Service Availabilities For all PC & Apple Notebook and Desktop Computers  
Service Location Carry-in or On-Site  



Call: (212) 679-1088